OPTIONPEER™ is a Microsoft Windows compatible program that graphically displays how your option investment strategy works with changes in the stock or market index price, over a range of time. It has simple dialogs forms that guide you through data entry, and provides graphs and tables of your investment that provide quick, intuitive displays of an investments potential and pitfalls (take a screen tour below). The program will work in Windows 95, 98, 98-SE/ME, and NT 3.51 & 4.0. The program has several analytical modes:

1. Evaluate a put or call option on different dates to display time and price changes;
2. Compare the behavior of up to three put or call options your choice on any date;
3. Look at a portfolio of up to four options that work in combination with an underlying security or index, to understand the more advanced concepts of hedging (covered in advanced lessons of OptionTutor);
4 Estimate the option volatility parameter based on the current market price;
5. For a change in market outlook (volatility bias) for a stock, observe the effects on the related option price.

In the first three modes above, you can also include the effects of a diversified portfolio balance, and a position in the underlying stock or index.

OptionPeer is your trading partner. It:

Use OptionPeer when investing: OptionPeer provides the following four graphs: OptionPeer Computer minimum system requirements are quite reasonnable:
  • 16Mb main memory RAM, 
  • 2.5Mb disk space required for installation. 
  • Microsoft Windows (all versions: 95, 98, 98-SE/ME or NT, XP)
           (sorry, Win-2000, Macintosh or UNIX/LYNIX are not supported)
  • Take a tour of the screen display and dialogs on-line (warning: heavy graphics lie ahead :-).