PhotoChrome slide-shows your web albums on your ChromeCast HDTV


What is PhotoChrome

PhotoCrome(TM) is an app that will display your Web Albums as a slideshow on any High Definition television (HDTV) fitted with the ChromeCast device. It is currently available as in Apple iOS app available through the iTunes App Store (iPhone and iPad editions).

You can purchase the ChromeCast device from any retailer (~$35) and install it on the HDTV on a spare HDMI input port; it works with your home’s wireless internet. To purchase the ChromeCast device, search for "ChromeCast" in your web browser for retailers. It is simple to install into a spare HDMI port on your HDTV.

PhotoChrome version 1.0 will locate your on-line PicasaWeb albums once you enter your userName. It displays a list of these Albums that you can select and slide-show preview. You can also attach to others web albums; you don’t need a password for Public albums only the user name or PicasaWeb user number.

To display on your HDTV, PhotoChrome automatically searches for any available ChromeCast devices nearby. By selecting the ChromeCast button (upper right of screen), you select the device, and the slideshow starts on your TV. Version 1.0 displays each photo in an album for 15 seconds and then shows the next photo, and replays the slideshow after the last photo in the album is displayed.

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Feedback and Suggestions

We would really appreciate your comments and suggestions for improving the product. Please use this link to send us an email. Thanks for your time.